October 22-23, 2021

The intent of this 2021 Virtual Global Summit was to provide for “family time” for the Wilberforce Mentees and Staff. The pandemic precluded our meeting face to face as scheduled but we want to have time together as a family, brothers and sisters in Christ. We wanted to give you time to talk about what God is doing through you and because of you. For those of you that missed the Summit you can watch each day or excerpt videos of each presenter. (Viewers please excuse the quality of the Zoom videos as some participants had unstable internet connections.)


Day 1 (October 22) < First Day Video Link (Full) >

Welcome & Prayer by Dr. Kevin Cooney
Our Training Program: Helping Nations Flourish Rather Than Flounder with Q & A 

Dr. Bob Osburn, Senior Fellow, Wilberforce International Institute

Importance of Music with Q & A

Jenny Park, MFA, Artist-in-Residence Wilberforce International Institute

Working Group Report

Dr. Amanda Forbes, Education Working Group Coordinator

1 st Day Closing Prayer and Communion with Dr. Kevin Cooney

Day 2 (October 23)  < 2nd Day Video Link (Full) >

Welcome & Opening Prayer by Dr. Kevin Cooney
Introduction of Wilberforce Board Members

Robert “Bob” VanderLugt and Josiah Lindstrom with a short greeting from each of them. (Board chair Rinto Dasuki via video)

Working Group Report

Dr. Sylvanus Ayeni, Africa Working Group Coordinator

Mentees share updates on progress with their redemptive projects with Q & A

Kie Eng Go, MS (Indonesia)

Abbel Joseph, MA (Haiti)

Kisongo Mbeleulu, MA (Congo)

Dr. Thangboi Haokip, (India)

David Widjaja, BA (Indonesia) 

Closing Address, The Future of Wilberforce as a Family with Q & A

Dr. Kevin Cooney, President, Wilberforce International Institute


Closing Prayer of Blessing