Dr. Colin Gan Cheong Kiat

Colin is a Management and Training Consultant. He is a Hedge Fund Manager. He is the Chief Information Officer for Acoustical Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd. He is responsible for the strategic management and planning of the company and new product development of medical devices using ultrasonic technology. Relevant projects completed are new product development for SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) Biosensor and Marketing Plan Audit for the company. He is an Advisor at ra+. He is a Risk Management Advisor for AiKaigo Pte Ltd.

He has a Bachelor of Information Technology from University of Queensland, Australia, Master of Science in Software, Systems and Information Engineering from University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, Master of Computer and Information Sciences and Master of Science in Management of Technology from University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, United States of America and Doctor of Philosophy in Finance from Bandung Institute of Technology from Indonesia.

Area of Specialties:
Strategic Planning and Management, Financial Planning, Microfinancing,
Microinsurance, Microinvestment, Micro venture capital, Micro private-equity,
Micro angel investing, Micro hedge fund and Knowledge Acquisition.

What has your association with Wilberforce meant to you personally, spiritually, and professionally?   

Personally, it has inspired me to make changes in the lives of others.
Spiritually, it has challenged me to walk closer with God.
Professionally, it has connected me to a network of like-minded people wanting to make a difference in the lives of others through their work.

What are you doing now that is creating “redemptive change” in your community/city/country/profession?

I am a Member of the 12 Mutiara Nusantara Task Force assisting in Human Flourishing Projects Glorifying God in the 12 Pockets of Christianity from Indonesia.