Dr. Emmanuela Nyam

Since she became a Wilberforce mentee in 2014, Dr. Nyam, a graduate of Southern Baptist Seminary, has championed a focused effort to empower Cameroon’s pastors and parents to train and equip young people to become Christ’s disciples. Under the auspices of Children Treasuring Christ Cameroon, she writes children’s Christian education curricula as well as training churches so that Cameroon’s children develop a biblical worldview. Wilberforce staff have visited her at her base in Douala, Cameroon on two occasions in support of her work.

What has your association with Wilberforce meant to you?

I’ve been associated with Wilberforce now for seven years. For these years, I have been encouraged through one-on-one mentorship, seminars, and conferences to be a faithful agent of change through the redemptive work of the gospel of Christ. I have received helpful resources and made connections that helped me set up a ministry back home in Cameroon and continue to encourage me for my current ministry work.

What are you doing now to create “redemptive change”?

I currently partner with churches to educate parents on their role to disciple their children in the way of the gospel. Also, I provide training for teachers and church leaders on the significance of Christian Education, especially in the discipleship of families and equipping parents to assume their God-given role of discipleship.