Thangboi Haokip

Dr. Thangboi Haokip

Thangboi Haokip arrived at the University of Minnesota in January 2009 on a special fellowship from the US State Department. He was not only eager to develop his capacities as an educator but also as a follower of Christ. A month after arriving in US he connected with Wilberforce International Institute and became an early program mentee. With the help and mentoring of Wilberforce, he developed a plan to launch a K-10 Christian school for the poorest of the poor in the little village in NE India where he was from. Now, over ten years later, nearly 600 students are enrolled in two campuses and receiving a quality Christian education that multiplies the redemptive change started by Thangboi.

How has Wilberforce influenced you?
“My association with Wilberforce International Institute has enriched me simply beyond my ability to express. Wilberforce provided me with conceptual clarity about different worldviews, both Christian and those of other faiths and how these views impact/impacted the world. I learned that historic Christianity and Judeo-Christian culture is the foundation of Western/Modern civilization. I learned that God’s purpose and plan for mankind was to glorify Him and take care of His creation. I can help do this as a redemptive change agent in my own country.”

What redemptive work are you doing right now?
“Besides my professional work as a Public School Principal, I have founded an NGO and run several Christian Schools with an enrollment of nearly 600 students. Our goal is to teach Biblical values so that in the future they become God glorifying future leaders. This is in addition to our Christian calling, as all Christians are called to, of witnessing and preaching the Gospel of our Lord.”