Eunice Salim

Eunice Salim

Eunice is a former classroom teacher who longs to see education be the primary transformative tool in realizing the best version of Indonesia’s future generation. With her people-oriented nature and organizational skills, Eunice is currently the Chief Networking Officer at Paideia Educational Solutions, a newly established educational initiative for human flourishing, as well as a part-time Curriculum Developer at Sekolah Kristen Calvin, a local Christian high school in Jakarta. Eunice enjoys being challenged in the professional environment, working alongside passionate people, and having opportunities to learn deeply towards a purposeful impact. In her spare time, she recharges through social interactions, journaling/hand-lettering, as well as mindless labor work. She has a B.A in Elementary Math Education from Calvin University (2016) and an M.Ed in Learning Design and Technologies from Arizona State University (2020).

What has Wilberforce International Institute meant to you?

Wilberforce has been constant family-like support that not only keeps me laser-focused on my passion and calling for Indonesian education but has also challenged me to sharpen my critical thinking and professional competencies.

What are you doing now that is creating “redemptive change”?

My teammates and I at Paideia wholeheartedly believe in holistic education centered on relationships with God and with others. By utilizing technology, we aim to help Indonesian teachers to be creative “creators,” utilizing their God-given talents! Last February, we released an Android app able to reach even the most remote areas with only 2G connections. Our app is designed to help teachers create and plan lessons holistically and with the end goal of human flourishing in mind.”