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Kevin Singleton

Kevin Singleton is a Grammy Award winning songwriter, cross cultural musician, nonprofit youth development mentor and social entrepreneur. (He has performed at conferences and assemblies for more than 3.5 million students and educators in 20 countries.) 

In 2009, Kevin founded Elevate New York, a New York City Department of Education accredited, in-school/after-school mentoring 501c3, located in the poorest congressional district in America, district 8. Through Elevate he has raised and invested over $4 million into the Community School district 8. The Social ROI is now over $100 million because Elevate’s high dropout prevention rate precludes the need for state and federal funds to subsidize its graduates. 

In 2022, Kevin joined the Elevate USA national team as a VP of Leadership and Development. He remains active on the Elevate New York Board. 

In 2022, he co-founded the nonprofit, Trellis Inc., to support his work mentoring and training worship leaders and ongoing mentoring of inner-city youth. Kevin is one of the Levites, who trains Levites at Adoration House Seattle. He also sits on two Advisory Councils: the TENx10 DE&I Council at Fuller Youth Institute and Telemachus.