Eng Go headshot

Ki Eng Go

Eng was a semiconductor Engineer for 20 years, before transitioning to marketing and business development in the semiconductor test equipment industry. In 1989 along with some Indonesian friends, he started the campus ministry FICA, Fellowship of Indonesian Christians in America. FICA helped prepare and facilitate Indonesians while they are studying on US campuses with vision of going back and advancing God’s Kingdom in Indonesia. Eng currently serves as a board member of Jubilee Campaign, a human rights NGO based in Washington DC. He has been very active in promoting religious freedom advocacy in Indonesia for many years. Since 2011 Eng has been developing models and solutions to help people from under-developed regions in Indonesia, namely Papua. The work in Papua involves many different aspects of life, such as education, health, economic development, leadership, and management, etc. Eng is married to Lina, and blessed with 4 grown up daughters; North Texas has been their home base.