Margaret Mwale

Margaret Mwale

Margaret Mwale is Associate for Community Development and Constituent Relations with the Presbyterian Mission Agency Self-Development of People (SDOP) program. She brings grantee partners and SDOP together to move people and places out of poverty. Currently Margaret also serves on the Board of Directors of the Dougbe River School of Liberia (Africa) and Chairs its Strategic Planning Committee. She is currently working as a Fundraising Fellow with Wilberforce International Institute. She has previously served as Director of Admissions with the University of Indianapolis School of Physical Therapy. Margaret has dual master’s degrees in Economics (1994) and in Education (1996) from Eastern Illinois University. She earned a BA in Economics from Bluffton University (1993).

What has your association with Wilberforce meant to you personally, spiritually, and professionally?  

I have appreciated the genuine interest and encouragement of Wilberforce staff in its mentees. Spiritually, I very much appreciate the opportunity to connect with both staff and fellow mentees from a similar Christian worldview, to pray for WII and to be prayed for.”

What are you doing now that is creating “redemptive change” in your community/city/country/profession?

I am trying to connect a student from African Christian University to the Africa Working Group to assist the group if there is interest with its communication needs. I hope both the student and the Africa Working Group benefit.