Martin and Stephanie Digler

Martin and Stephanie Digler

I (Martin) am a result of being raised in a Christian home in Liberia, West Africa. With my family, I went to church and heard the pastor preach the Word of God on Sundays. Yet, I did not apply what I learned preached to my daily living. The same is true for many other Liberians. During my primary and secondary education, I was taught in a school that did the best they could with the resources they had.

As a young boy growing up, my eyes were not yet open to the lack of resources and biblical teaching I personally did not have. This is one of the reasons I struggled to apply the Bible to daily life and to live a life experiencing the joy in knowing Christ.

God, in His sovereignty, opened the door for me to come to the United States and further my experience in the boundaries He had established for me in eternity past (Acts 17:36). As I have grown older and experienced life in the United States, God has opened my eyes to the needs that exist in Liberia. During college, I had the opportunity to attend a summer program at Focus on the Family Institute where I studied discipleship, Christian Worldview, parenting, marriage, and family. I was taught how to be a godly man and eventually a godly husband and father. ISI (International Students Inc) also had an impact on me. Through participating in this organization, I learned the importance of Christian leadership and showing Christ’s love to others through service and generosity. Through my college education, profession, and attending churches that were biblical and had Christ-centered teaching, God has opened my eyes and given me the knowledge, desire and dreams to embark on this life-changing ministry in Liberia.

Our approach through this ministry is for pastoral/medical/teaching staff, elders, deacons, congregation, and students to be directed in a path that will transform their lives. In doing so, they can effectively apply the biblical knowledge and understanding learned to their personal lives, which will in turn impact their communities and country as a whole.

What has your association with Wilberforce meant to you personally, spiritually, and professionally? 

“Our association with Wilberforce has resulted in networking. We attended our first Global Summit in the fall of 2019. During this time, we met many people that have a heart for Africa and have been collaborating and encouraging each other in their efforts since then.”

What are you doing now that is creating “redemptive change”?

“Currently, we have a Nursery – 12th grade school in Bensonville, Liberia. We are working to train and disciple our teachers. We purchased 10 acres of land. We eventually hope to have a clinic/hospital and Bible-teaching church. We also have the heart to have a teacher training program and possibly a vocational jobs program.