The WHY Series

Wilberforce International Institute is excited to announce our first ever webinar series! This series is designed to focus on different aspects of the Christian Worldview. We initially planned to make this available for our international mentees but as it developed we realized that it would be a blessing to many, many others including you, our faithful supporters. We have lined up an incredible list of speakers with one webinar being held each month April through November. Our next webinar is on Friday June 4 at 7 PM Central time here in the USA (We are timing it so our Asian mentees can log-on on Saturday morning June 5 in Asia) with our very own Jenny Park speaking about “WHY Music Matters” to our Christian worldview. Here is the link:

OR you can use this link:

Below is the full list of speakers and the dates.  Click here to download a printable list of upcoming webinars.

Upcoming Webinars

August 6th

Dr. Jay Bruce (John Brown University)

WHY Justice Matters

September 10th

Dr. Christian Overman (Worldview Matters)

WHY Education Matters

October 8th

Dr. Matt Bostrom (Oxford University)

WHY Policing Matters

November 12th

Dr. Kevin Cooney (Wilberforce international Institute)

WHY our Worldview Matters

All talks will be 8 – 9:30 PM Eastern/ 5 – 6:30 PM Pacific / 12 – 1:30 PM GMT

Past Webinars


Dr. Robert Osburn


Michael Mattheson Miller


Jenny (Jee-El) Park

WhyMusicMatters.pdf (PPT)

WHY Music Matters (Audio Only)

by Jenny (Jee-El) Park

WHY Religious Freedom Matters

Dr. Mark David Hall